A bit of peace and quiet in the Achterhoek.



The 2022 season has started.

The winter was too short to complete the entire to-do list, but we were able to realize a few projects.
For example, we adapted and strengthened the electrical installation, because electricity consumption has increased considerably in recent years and this slowly but surely started to cause capacity problems.
We have also invested in a pressure boosting pump for the drinking water installation and with that we hope to have solved the water pressure problems, which sometimes arose during busy periods.

We are also working on improving the terrain lighting by placing lampposts and the lighting of the sanitary building and large bicycle shed is automated by means of presense sensors.
Like every winter, we have replaced part of the plants with more colorful specimens and have also installed flower boxes at the large bicycle shed, which is now also completely finished.
In the course of the season we will start working on the finishing of the waste depot and a few smaller projects.

We have also purchased a new centrifuge and a different washing machine, so that you can do your laundry quickly and easily.
From now on it is also possible to pin.
Because of all these investments, we had already raised the price a bit, but due to developments in the energy market, we are forced to increase the price further as of April 1, and we will monitor monthly this season whether we need to adjust the price further.
We are reluctant to do this, but at the moment we have no choice but to follow developments and pass on at least part of the sharply increased costs.
We are therefore unable to make binding price agreements at the moment.
We ask for your understanding for this.

In 1997 we received the first camping guests at the Nieuw-Kempink mini camping site, which means that this year we are celebrating our 25th anniversary.
To pay attention to this, we want to support a number of charities from this season and if you want to congratulate us on the anniversary or just give us a tip, you can indicate to which charity you want to make a donation and we will ensure that your donation is comes to the right place.

We will do our best to make it another great camping season and we hope you will enjoy it

Jan and Josien

Soon we will have more news to report, but for now the first news is that we will be forced to increase the rate as of April 1.

We are reluctant to do this, but due to current developments in the energy market, we see no other option than to pass on at least part of the very significant increases.

and we do not rule out further price increases during the season .

We hope with you that calm will be restored, but at the moment the situation is worrying and we do not know how developments will develop.

We hope for your understanding.

Everyone’s life is currently affected by the Coronavirus and we also want to take our responsibility in this.

Everyone is welcome to camp with us and we will do our utmost to offer you a pleasant and safe stay.
However, if you decide to cancel your stay with us, we understand that.
Reservations were, are and will be non-binding with us in the future, so you can cancel at any time free of charge.
Currently it also appears that this is pleasant for our guests.

We wish everyone strength, success and good health in the turbulent period that we are in and that is yet to come.

Kind Regards,

Jan and Josien Hoftijzer


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